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Important Information COVID – 19 :
IQRA ACADEMY On-Line New session begin In Sha Allah on 01 April 2020 please register or ask by phone or by email
IQRA ACADEMY Administration:

Iqra Academy

Every Saturday, children and women meet online, to study and discuss Islamic lessons and practices through, Quran and Tajweed. In addition Urdu language lessons are also taught by subject specialist teachers. These sessions usually conclude on a social gathering. The Session starts from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

IQRA ACADEMY Administration :

  • Mrs. M.Khan Tartari Adminstrator
  • Mrs. S.Butt Head of the department (Tajweed and Quran)
  • Mrs. S.Farooque Head of the department (Urdu)
  • Mrs. R.Arshad Head of the department (Islamic Studies)

January 2016
Iqra School’s Children visited Police Station Steindamm.