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Der Beste unter den Menschen ist derjenige, der seinen Mitmenschen am nützlichsten ist.


Athan Basic 3.8 Athan (Azan) 3.8 allows you to hear automatic Athan (Azan) at the right time five times a day on every prayer time. Most Accurate Prayer times, Qiblah direction, Hijri Islamic Calendar, and many beautiful Athan (Azan, Adhan) sounds. More than 10 Million Athan Downloads Worldwide. The most popular religious software according to

Mobile Athan Software 2.4 Mobile Athan software is used to get the accurate prayer times, Qiblah direction and hear automatic Athan (Azan) on every prayer time on your Mobile Phone like Nokia, Sony Erricson, Motorolla, LG, Samsung and lot of other mobile brands.

Mobile Phone Requirements:

– Java Enabled Mobile Phone – MIDP 2.0
– CLDC 1.1
List of Supported Mobile Phones

Installation: After downloading the, please unzip it and you will get Read_Me.txt file having the detail of installation.

GPRS Download: You can also use GPRS to download the Mobile Athan software directly in your Cell phone. Type the following url in your Cell phone web browser:

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